What is Lablgtk-extras ?
Lablgtk-extras is a collection of libraries and modules useful when developing OCaml/LablGtk2 applications.

2013-10-15: Remove deprecated "or" operators. This is release 1.4.

2012-12-07: Rename modules: Install => Gtke_install and Version => Gtke_version to prevent name conflicts. This is release 1.3.

2012-11-14: Use Lablgtk-2.16.0. This is release 1.2.

2012-04-11: Lablgtk-extras now uses findlib to compile an install, as packages "lablgtk2-extras" and "lablgtk2-extras.configwin". Xmlm is used instead of Xml-light. This is release 1.1.

2011-01-12: Lablgtk-extras is created, by extracting reusable LablGtk2 convenient modules from Cameleon2.


Reference documentation: HTML documentation of available modules and libraries.


Most of the libraries comes from Cameleon2 so some already have their own description page:

  • Configwin: a library to easily create input dialog boxes,
  • Okey: a module to add handlers for key press events,
  • Gtksv_utils: a module to share configuration of colors, fonts, ..., between applications using LablGtkSourceView, with functions and boxes to make the user edit configuration of languages and source views.

For information or problem, you can write to the gtk-extras-list mailing-list.

Lablgtk-extras is distributed under the LGPL version 2 or later" license.

Maxence Guesdon: Main developer.